Author Bio


Thomas P. Clemmens lives in Ossining, NY, with his wife Lisa, a flock of chickens, three cats, two doves, and a horse named Dakota. Tom enjoys painting, composing music, writing, and he is still trying to grow “the most humongous pumpkins ever!”

Here’s how he describes the inspiration for his children’s book, Little Farmer Big Dreams: “My book is based on an episode from my childhood. You see, I was lucky to have parents who allowed me to enjoy a childhood filled with freedom (as long as I was home for dinner at exactly 6!). They supported my adventures far and wide on my bike or hiking through the distant woods, and they encouraged me to have an appreciation of all things living and natural (except for slugs!). This is a simple story, but if it brings a sense of joy, innocence, or appreciation of nature to another child, or an adult reading to a child, then I will have hit the mark.”