Epic Dreamer At The SPCA Pet Fair!

WalkathonAd_FacebookED_SPCA_Walkathon2016What a fun Saturday!!

We joined in with the wonderful volunteers, vendors, and visitors for the annual SPCA Walkathon and Pet Fair at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt State Park in Yorktown, New York this past weekend.

We quickly lost count of Charlie’s new friends as he met cute dog, after cute dog.  The park was filled with pet lovers of all ages and so many wonderful pooches.  We met some friendly dog-treat bakers, pet portrait artists,pet store owners, and even an alpaca farmer!

It felt great to share our books with people, and to support the SPCA of Westchester

Thank you all for a wonderful day!


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New Book!

Charlie is a scruffy, black and white, fun-loving terrier who wants to be human! He leads an active life with young Zoey and her mom, but he doesn’t like to follow “doggie rules.” Charlie wants to eat, play, and sleep like one of the family! Then one day, he is introduced to the neighbor’s playful dog, and it’s love at first sight. Their merry summer romance leads to new canine wisdom for Charlie. Written in short, easy-to-read passages by author Thomas P. Clemmens, and beautifully illustrated with twenty scenes by noted illustrator Sarah Ann LoCascio, this story will appeal to dog lovers of all ages. Order at Amazon.com MistakenForADog_EpicDreamerChildrensBooks_Cover

New Book! My Name Is Mike

Mike, the brave bike-riding mouse, is eager to help his best friend Sue learn how to ride her new blue bike. Together they share an exciting adventure that teaches them both the rewards of never giving up. Their playful story is told in rhyming verse with vivid full-color illustrations. Writer Thomas P. Clemmens and illustrator Sarah Ann LoCascio are the father-daughter team at Epic Dreamer Children’s Books. Order at Amazon.com

Text and illustration from My Name Is Mike

Little Farmer Big Dreams


The sights and smells of early spring inspire young Tom to have another go at growing the “most humongous pumpkins ever,” but after a chance encounter with some sprouting potatoes in the family kitchen, Tom impulsively changes his mind. Working shoulder-to-shoulder, Tom and his father plant the potatoes, and they grow into healthy, lush bushes. Tom has vivid dreams of a bountiful harvest, but not everything goes as he imagines. After a month away at camp, he returns home and makes a most amazing discovery!

This is a wholesome story for children and adults who appreciate nature and look forward to the change of seasons. It is a story about a family with old-fashioned values that can engage in playful banter without hurting feelings. It is a story about parents who are supportive, but not overbearing. And mostly, it is a story about young Tom who is curious, impulsive, persistent, and lovably innocent, all at the same time.

The text is suitable for readers ages 6 and up, or for adults who read to their younger child at bedtime. The numerous full color illustrations drawn by noted artist Sarah Ann LoCascio will delight those being read to, and provide a visual aid for those still learning to read on their own.

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