Little Farmer Big Dreams, written by Thomas P. Clemmens, is the heart-warming tale of a little boy named Tom who has big plans for this year’s garden.  He plans to grow the “world’s largest pumpkin” but changes his mind when he sees sprouting potatoes on the counter.  Throughout the story, Tom learns a lot about gardening and patience and in the end, discovers that sometimes nature can surprise even the most precocious of little boys. The book is beautifully illustrated by Sarah Ann LoCascio… My kids, my husband and I loved the book.”
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Little Farmer Big Dreams is an endearing tale about Tom’s love of nature and his quest to grow the “most humongous pumpkins ever.” Tom’s parents are quite happy to have his help planting their vegetable garden but they aren’t that keen on having his pumpkin vines crowd out the other plants. In a compromise, Tom agrees to grow smaller pumpkins if he can also grow some potatoes. Tom’s dreams of growing large pumpkins may have to take a backseat to his newfound interest in potatoes but in the process, he learns that nature has a way of surprising us, sometimes when we least expect it.”

“Tom’s exuberance and tenacity are character traits that will be recognized and admired by everyone, and perhaps most especially by young readers of ages 6-8. This fast-moving tale touches on various themes including renewal, regrowth and unexpected challenges. The clever illustrations bring the characters and the pastoral setting to life.”

“Little Farmer Big Dreams is a wholesome story that will resonate with young readers and their parents and caregivers alike.”
The Children’s Book Review

Little Farmer Big Dreams is a sweet little story about a little boy with huge gardening dreams.  Tom wants to grow the biggest pumpkin ever, and failing that he is happy to grow the biggest potato instead.  The Little Farmer, reminded me very much of my nine year old nephew who often throws himself into a new projects with the same amount of vigor. In fact, I think that this story would really suit that very age-group. There is a good amount of text to keep young readers interested, and a relatable storyline for those enthusiastic young folk who love getting stuck into a good project.  If you have an aspiring gardener, or you would love to spark an interest in gardening in your young people, this story would be a fun and creative way to set a challenge. Sarah’s illustrations are very sweet, and give a lovely flavor to the story. It’s a very fun little book…”
— Stella Rutherford, The Golden Adventures of a Very Dark Horse